Well, that was fun…

The injections are over – yippee!

Bruised bellyI’m not one for going to the doctors, in fact, the last time I went to the docs before all this was 2005, and the time before that was probably 2002. But since all this started, I’ve had around 21 injections, dozens of tablets and my blood pressure taken half a dozen times. 18 or so of those injections were in to my belly and the results were like I had gone one-on-one with the fun end of a paintball gun. The bruise you see on the far right (my left) got to be about three times bigger and very dark red. If you can’t see the picture very well just click on it for the larger image. Oh, and no laughing at the size of the belly!






4 responses to “Well, that was fun…”

  1. Meghan Avatar

    Yuck! I hope you’re not too sore from all those bruises! At least you don’t have to get any more injections!

  2. Mike250 Avatar

    Holy fuck me up the arse! Are you ok?!

  3. Andy Avatar

    *laughs* Yeah, I’m OK. Surely you’ve sustained much greater injuries playing cricket or softball, or one of the 3587 other sports you play! 😉

    Before my warfarin level got adjusted (I have a blood test every week or two) I was bruising much more. Zuzu (one of our dogs, for those that don’t know) knocked my arm last week and I have a couple bruises all down the forearm, and I bruised quite a bit with the blood tests. But it seems to be levelled out now… At least, the last blood test didn’t leave a bruise. And my belly now looks much better than that picture!

  4. Erica Avatar

    Ok, Andrew, you pusher. I’m here and I’m commenting. First, I have three words related to that picture:
    Second, I have to say this is, by far, the best, most user-friendly, simplest-to-understand, yet Spartanly attractive (not the “dining in hell” type of Spartanly attractiveness, but more like the well-muscled Spartans, themselves) blogs I have ever ever seen. Ever. In my whole, entire life.
    Third, I’m trying to get back to LJ, but I still have an unfounded hatred of the computer. It will pass, it always does. It doesn’t help that I’ve decided to cram buying a house AND getting married all into one year…plus, Gabriel lost his job and has decided to return to school and I have to see if I’ll still be able to go get my Masters next year. I suppose this is, though, the type of thing people want to know, so, perhaps I should sort of state this kind of stuff someplace so that everyone who doesn’t live within a 20-mile radius will know that it’s not that I’m ingoring my fabulous fan base, but that I haven’t received my extra allotment of hours in the day, yet, thus, don’t have the time/energy/desire to socialize.

    And with that…I must vanish back into the ether.
    Over and out!

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