History To Date

I know that most people here will know all about our life, but as an old friend just Googled me and I needed to bring her up to speed I thought it would be best to put a time line on here.

1996 – Andrew and Lisa meet online for the first time on a talker called Way Out West1997 – Lisa flies out to England to meet Andrew for the first time1999 – Andrew and Lisa get married

Our wedding - 16 October 1999

1999 – 2003 – Andrew and Lisa live in America

Our first apartment

2004 – Present – Andrew and Lisa live in England

Our first house

2007 – Baby Luther Jacob born

Luther and Poppie

Other highlights:

  • We have two dogs: Zuzu (beagle crossbreed) and Drake (German Shepherd? Doberman? Crossbreed) – both rescues.

Drake and Zuzu

  • We love traveling and have been to quite a few places including:

Paris Paris (got engaged!)

Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest Budapest (amazing zoo)

Amsterdam Amsterdam (more canals than Venice!)

Venice - San Marco Square Venice (you MUST feed the pigeons in San Marco Square)

Rome Rome, etc.

  • Lisa works at a charity, Impact Initiatives, managing their older people’s services for the Brighton and Hove area and Andrew is the web developer for the University of Sussex
  • We’ve just sold our first home but have no where to move to so are in the process of reevaluating our lives. Scary stuff!!


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