Hello!  How are you?  Keeping well?

This, as you may have gathered by now, is our web site.  I say “our” like I know you know who we are.  And maybe you do.  Maybe you know that we know that you know who we are and maybe we know you know that we know that you know that.. ermm..  Where was I?  Oh, yes!  This is our web site.  If you know us, great!  If not, then we (and that’s not the royal ‘we’) are Lisa and Andrew Collington.  You may know us from our time on talkers many moons ago, or maybe you work with us, or maybe you’re the unfortunate ones to be blood relatives.  Regardless, that’s who we are and that’s where you are, and we thank you for being here.

If you want, register (you can find the link to do that somewhere on the site, I’m sure) and you can post comments.  Honestly, we’ll be glad for the company!

Sooo….  Yeah.  OK.  Buh-bye.


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