What are the people like that you work with?

I ask the question because the people I work with are lovely!  When I first found out I had the blood clot and embolism, after contacting Lisa to let her know I called work to say that I wouldn’t be on holiday but be off sick and why.  My immediate line manager was away so I spoke to the head of the division and was bowled over be his immediate concern of making sure I was OK, if I had enough support at home and if there was anything he could do to help out.  The division also had a whip-round and got me a couple books to enjoy while I was off sick and a lovely bunch of flowers for Lisa, because they knew shew would be upset over this, not going to the States and so on.

Now I’m back to work, and the kindness hasn’t stopped.  Everyone I work with (and some I don’t!) has expressed concern, said it’s good to have me back and see me again, and things of that general good nature.

It’s really, really nice to work in a place that cares. 🙂






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