General update

The new house:

They DID accept our counter-offer but will not take the property off of the market until we have a buyer. (Hence the mad rush to get it cleaned and ready.)

Our house:

IS now on the market (YAY!) as of today! Details can be found here.  (There are a couple of small errors that will be fixed soon, but it’s good enough for now.)  We even have our first viewing tomorrow!!  Fingers crossed we get a quick sale!!


Feeling very pregnant at the moment.  Baby seems to have shifted down a bit and now lies directly on my bladder.  It’s not effecting me by making me feel like I have to pee every 5 minutes… but what it is doing is if I have anything in my bladder at all the extra pressure causes me signficant pain.  Very similar to when I had my tumor.  It only hurts when I move so if I’m sitting, etc I feel fine.  (I’ve only just figured out today that the pain goes away when I pee so I’ll have to do that more often!)

We’re debating about the antenatal classes at the moment.  As we’re not having a natural birth we wonder how relevant it’s going to be so we’re considering bring in a private tutor to only cover the bits we want.  That’s still up for debate, however, as we’re still not sure how much support the midwife offers.

Well — that’s about it for now.  I only have two more weeks of work and as I’m there now I should probably get back to it! (Ok — I’m on my lunch break so don’t freak out!)   😉






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  1. Meghan Avatar

    I’m so glad to hear you officially get your new house – hopefully your showing on 6/2 ended in the desired sale! My fingers are crossed for you.

    Feeling very pregnant, eh? Well, I can’t wait to meet Baby Collington and even though you’re uncomfortable sometimes now – a month from now I’m sure you’ll tell me how worth it the whole experience is. 🙂

    My best to you and Andrew with many, many hugs and a lot of love!


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