We lost the house…

Someone else came in and placed an offer and as they are ready to move we’ve lost it.

I do stand by “everything happens for a reason” and I honestly beleive it, but it doesn’t mean I didn’t cry like a baby.  It just sucks when you can see raising your children somewhere and then it’s snatched out from under you.

Oh well. I’m sure my pregnancy hormones aren’t making this any easier, right?  Too much other stuff to look forward to right now so I need to move on.






4 responses to “We lost the house…”

  1. Mike250 Avatar

    Testing comment

  2. Mike250 Avatar

    Really sorry to hear you guys lost the house 🙁 You have a really good attitude about it though Lisa.

  3. Meghan Avatar

    Oh, guys, I am SO SORRY! (SIGH) I would be crying, too, and I’m not pregnant. It’s sad when you are so close to getting something you want and then being unable to actually get it. I know you’ll find an even more amazing house and property that will be the perfect place to raise your babies! Hugs from across the ocean!

  4. Erica Avatar

    Bah! That’s lousy. But, as you’ve said, Lisa, you’ve got other things to think about right now, which will give the universe time to finish up the absolute perfect house for you…just in time to present it at the worst possible moment. Like when you’re in labor. But, it’s ok, because, also as you said (I’m paraphrasing), these things have a miraculous way of working themselves out. You’ll find something that’s just as good, if not better, and you’ll be so happy you had to wait.

    OK. I’m going to take my sunshine and go, now.

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