I hate speed trap cameras!

Why?  Well, not only are they dangerous (because the first thing anyone does when going past one is slam on their brakes and constantly watch the speedo rather than the road), and used more-often-than-not as a money generating opportunity (like when they’re put in supposed ‘black spot’ areas, and it’s a place where I’ve never known a traffic accident to happen in over two decades), but mostly… mostly because I was busted by one!!

Yes, while visiting my sister (or rather, leaving her place after visiting for the weekend) I got nabbed going 39mph in a supposed 30mph area.  I thought it was a 40pmh road, but I guess not!  So, basically, Julie; I blame you. 😉

Hopefully I get a to go on a ‘Speed Awareness Course’ rather than a £60 fine, but I may get points on my license either way.  Bummer!