A question from one of our viewers

Meghan from Ohio asks:

Why do you call him Luke if his name is Luther?

Excellent question Meghan!


Lisa Answers: Why on earth do you call someone named William, “Bill” or why is “Jack” short for “John”? Mysteries abound when it comes to names and this one is no different. My grandfather’s name was Luther and everyone called him Luke. I don’t know why that’s the case — but that’s the way it is!

Perhaps not the answer you were looking for, but the best answer you’re gonna get!






One response to “A question from one of our viewers”

  1. Meghan Avatar

    It’s exactly the answer I was looking for!

    If Book and I ever have kids, our 1st born son is going to be Bohdan Ivan Chrobak III … I think I’m planning on calling him Ian (Ivan without the v) … Anything we call him will require and explanation so that’s the breaks, right.

    I think it’s awesome you named your son after such an important person from your family and from your family’s roots.

    And, I always do wonder how Jack was derived from John – Bill I see but Jack not so much.

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