We lost the house… (de ja vu)

We just couldn’t agree on a price for the works needed. Oh well… We’re still selling this place, however, and we’ll be moving out in mid-November (and in with the in-laws). Not sure where we’ll go from here, but everything happens for a reason!! (I need to keep saying this as my mantra.)


In other news, some baby photos!!

Luke         In his sling         bathtime closeup         bathtime

(I know they’re huge when you click on them, but Mom wanted to print them out so I made them good quality.)







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  1. Linda Letherby Avatar
    Linda Letherby

    Sorry to hear this, but I’m a great believer that things happen for a reason, we lost the first house we wanted to buy, but found the one we’re currently in just round the corner and much much better bigger garden, less tacky (there was faux leather covering the stairs complete with studs!)and off road parking. Just hang in there your perfect place is round the corner and if as the finance bigwigs predict even cheaper.

    Linda xx

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