It’s so big when you look at it like that

Andrew and I sat down and wrote a list out of the things we need to do on the house. (Unfortunately) this is not an exhaustive list as we’re always thinking of other things to do (like plant our potatoes)… If you have any particular skill and would like a free meal feel free to come over and act as slave labour!

  1. Level floor in the mudroom (completed 25/04/08)
  2. Lay lino in mudroom (completed 04/05/08-ish)
  3. Install the washer & drier in mudroom (completed 06/05/08-ish)
  4. Have carpet laid on stairs and hallway (waiting for carpet to come back from the whippers) (completed 01/06/08-ish)
  5. Have lino installed in bathrooms (installer will do when he comes for the carpets) (completed 01/06/08-ish)
  6. Paint the pantry doors
  7. Install the pantry doors
  8. Paint the kitchen (including plaster primer) started 19/06/08
  9. Paint kitchen ceiling
  10. Install skirting boards in the kitchen
  11. Seal behind the worktops
  12. Tile the kitchen backsplash
  13. Lining paper the downstairs toilet
  14. Paint the downstairs toilet
  15. Strip wallpaper in the hallways/stairs
  16. Lining paper the hallways/stairs (professional?)
  17. Paint the hallways/stairs (professional?)
  18. Put up the coving in the lounge
  19. Paint lounge ceiling
  20. Strip the dining room
  21. Lining paper the dining room if needed
  22. Paint dining room
  23. Sand and stain floors
  24. Paint skirting boards and stairs in hallways / stairs
  25. Install the top capping bits to Luther’s walls
  26. Seal all the spider-sized holes in the mudroom (completed 30/05/08-ish)
  27. Tack down the wires in the lounge units (completed 30/05/08-ish)
  28. Install the phone cables to the sky boxes (run under floor boards)






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