New photos!

Ok — lots of stuff to stick up here:

1) Luther now has FOUR TEETH! (click to make bigger)

In this one you can see his bottom two teeth. The one on the right just barely breaking the surface! This was taken a few weeks ago.

First teeth

And here are this top two. Apologies for the odd look but he’s actually upside down in this photo. This was taken just a couple days ago.

Top teeth

2) Nature has come to Berwick.

Ok — we live in the country, so it’s to be expected, obviously… but we have some baby Bluetits (three, we think) in the birdhouse on the shed. Here is a picture of a parent and one of the babies.

Blue tits in the garden

We also have a messload of slowworms! Honestly, you’d think we were breeding them! Now, I know you’re looking at the photo thinking — “that doesn’t look like a worm … it looks like a snake” and you would be WRONG. It’s neither worm nor snake. It is a legless lizard. Cool, huh??


And lastly, we also have an extraordinarily high population of damselflies; both red and blue. They absolutely love our fish pond. Here’s a photo Andrew took. I would like to caption it, “Oh yeah… you know how I like it … right in the neck, baby.”

Damselfly bootie call

3) And finally I just want to brag about how sexy my husband is….

Humunuh humunuh







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