Icky sicky

Pity poor Lisa, because she has tonsillitis!  She’s been really rough with it, too, running high fevers and feeling just completely lifeless…  In fact, I think she’s only had the energy to leave the house twice in three days – and one of those was to visit the doctor!

Hopefully the penicillin will kick in soon and she’ll be right as rain…  But, man, do her tonsils look icky!






2 responses to “Icky sicky”

  1. Meghan Avatar

    Eegats! How terrible! Please give her a hug from me and tell her I hope she is feeling better soon!

  2. Tayke Avatar

    I assume your tonsillitis is but a distant memory now! I’m so old they used to take ’em out when I were a lad.
    Hope all three of you are well and raring to go for Xmas.
    Andy, if you fancy a drink sometime, let me know. My phone – and all it’s numbers – was destroyed, although I still have the same number.
    Best wishes,
    Bill Black

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