Weddings and babies and work, OH MY!

This is your chance to officially flog me.  Honestly… I deserve it.  I feel a sort of guilt that I shouldn’t make a posting unless I’ve included photos so if I don’t have time to include photos I don’t post.  (“No, Lisa, don’t feel like that…we like just knowing what’s going on!)

Things have been pretty hectic the last few months.  Esther and Jan got married on the 7th of February and I found it quite stressful!  I made all of their wedding stationary (photos later…) and Andrew and I had best man/maid of honour duties (although they didn’t have bridesmaids/groomsmen… woohoo!  No ugly dress!)

Thankfully the day went brilliantly with only a few, imperceivable hiccups.

Click below for more photos! (you guys always seem to miss this ‘Continue reading’)


Although someone did tell me it was too early in the year and I should have worn a hat.






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