Bloody Brilliant – episode 3

Woll Titan Plus Cookwear

When Andrew and I got engaged we were given a set of cook wear. We loved it but after 12 years they were dead. The non-stick coating was flaking off and once I found out it was a potential carcinogen we decided we had to get new cook wear. We ordered two saucepans to ‘try’ different brands but we weren’t particularly impressed with either. We were in desperate need of a frying pan and as we were at the Ideal Home Show in London we decided to have a look around.

There were no shortage of manufactures selling their wares but the one that caught our eye was the Woll Titan Plus range which is “the strongest cast aluminium pan series on the market”. After answering all of our questions the nice Woll man sold us the 28cm deep sauté pan.

This thing is bloody brilliant; I think it was forged by angels in the volcano of awesomeness. We were worried about the longevity of the non stick and the nice Woll man used a sharp knife to cut the bottom of the display pan many times to show us the quality. It even has a lifetime warranty on the finish!

This particular model is deep enough to act like a wok but shallow enough to be a frying pan. Also, the handle is removable and we can pop it in the oven. It is the most non-stick pan I’ve ever touched and it’s so thick and heavy I know it’s going to last ages. We loved it so much that I’ve been on the lookout for some deals and we’ve since purchased the 24cm stock pot with lid which I love just as much.

The only downside is the price, but if you consider how many years they will last you I actually think the price-per-year cost is very reasonable and is likely less-costly than some “cheaper” brands. I want to get two sauce pans and a small frying pan but I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a special offer.


As always, these opinions are my own and I didn’t get any compensation or samples as part of the review. I just think they’re bloody brilliant and want you to know! However, if the company wants to send me some stuff because of all the amazing free publicity I’ve just given them, they’re more than welcome to!!






4 responses to “Bloody Brilliant – episode 3”

  1. Meghan Avatar

    Sounds like a great product … were you a little bit worried about getting an aluminum pan due to the news reports about the potential affects of cooking/eating with aluminum?

  2. Lisa Avatar

    Well crap on a cracker. I hadn’t heard about the potential effects of cooking with aluminium. Now I have to go do some research.

  3. Meghan Avatar

    NO! Don’t go research it! You’ll drive yourself crazy. I know I drive myself crazy with research and decisions and compromises.

  4. Lisa Avatar

    Ok — I have specifically avoided looking up the horrors of cooking with aluminium. However, I did think it was worth pointing out that these are PFOA-free. 🙂 So that’s better, right?

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