Bloody Brilliant – episode 7

Budder wrappers


My son corrects me, “Mummy, it’s buTTer – there’s a ‘T’ in it, not a ‘D’.” Regardless – if you use sticks or blocks of butter save the wrappers, stick them in a zippy bag and pop them in your fridge. Then, when you need to butter a dish/pan just whip one out and go to town and then throw it away. It never looks like there is enough ‘butter residue’ to grease your pan but there always is! As a bonus my hands stay cleaner and I’m using something I would have otherwise thrown in the bin straight away. I’ve not invited this idea,  it’s rampant online and other people come up with some alternative suggestions as well. For me it’s been SUCH a game changer I had to share it.

(On a similar note, we also save a couple of those bags that hold the cereal in the cereal box. Because it’s such a super strong bag it’s brilliant for things you will thwack with your rolling pin. (e.g. crush walnuts, flatten chicken, etc.))






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