Time to clean the path

Never realised the concrete was dirty until I was able to write in it with the pressure washer… And thanks to my dad, I was able to use our rain water tank and no mains water because of the awesome submersible pump he got us. But now I guess I have to clean the path!


Yes, mummy is under that pile of clothes and pillows – Luther is nothing if not conscientious when he launches a flying attack on someone.

Geek girl

I turn my back for two seconds, and Rosie crawls over to the other side of the room, stands up to start typing on my laptop. She just loves the tech! Now if I can just get her to start coding for me…

Kids say the darndest things

Driving along in the car with Lisa, Luther and Rozalynd on the way to our holiday, and a lorry (truck) puts on his indicator (blinker) to come in to my lane. Lisa let’s out a bit of a girly scream because she thinks the guy is going to pull over without seeing us. So I […]

Our friend

This little guy followed us for a while on our walk today.