Happy New Year!

This year did something a bit different for New Year!  Firstly, I took the kids shopping and they got to pick out brand-new pyjamas.   Then, together we decorated the activity envelopes for the night.  In each one I put a different activity that we would do at the allocated time.  To make sure we didn’t […]

Staycation Day 6

The weather was rubbish so we took the kids to the cinema to see Planes. It was the first time Rozalynd has been to the cinema and she did okay! The movie was cute but a bit formulaic and a rehash of Cars. But it was still sweet. After dinner Andrew made us banana splits! […]

Staycation Day 5

Lazy day around the house. Although I did reserve an Ancona Bantam for our flock! Yay!  I’m also hoping to get something like a Welsummer and something like an Araucana that way all the chickens lay different coloured eggs! Luther finally worked on his school holiday journal. He’s getting really good at illustrating his stories!

Staycation Day 4

We took the kids swimming at The Triangle in Burgess Hill. It was sweet. After we got home Andrew made some Nutella Banana bites while Rosie spent some unsuccessful time on the toilet. I love how Zuzu kept us company!

Staycation Day 3

Unexpectedly Andrew took the kids to Grandma’s and Grandad’s so I was able to get some stuff done around the house like make a big hole in the wall and start a wedding invite I’ve offered to make.