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  • A normal Rosie

    This was just a normal day with Rosie, but it’s pure gold.   Thank you Mary Jean Irion for ensuring I appreciate these days.   Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are. Let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart. Let me not pass you by in…

  • Where are all the decent people?

    Where are all the decent people?

    I want to believe in karma, I really do.  Andrew and I are good people who let other motorists out in traffic, have never made a fraudulent insurance claim and who always hold doors open for people.  But we don’t seem to have the kind of luck that one would associate with this kind of…

  • Rosie’s birthday

    Rosie’s birthday

    Used that fun ‘Takes‘ app to get some snapshots/video of Rosie’s birthday! (You’ll need to click into this post to see the video.)

  • Testing out a new app

    Testing out a new app

    Just testing out a new video app – I think for a first result it came out really well!  (You’ll need to click into this post to see the video.)

  • What I’ve been up to (creatively)

    What I’ve been up to (creatively)

    I’m working on our family photo book and I realised I’ve actually been feeling very creative the last few months … I’m so darn tootin’ proud I’ve decided I’d show it off!  So go away if you like or just sit back and let me bask in the glory of me. 1.  Thanksgiving table I…

  • Bloody Brilliant – episode 7

    Bloody Brilliant – episode 7

    Budder wrappers   My son corrects me, “Mummy, it’s buTTer – there’s a ‘T’ in it, not a ‘D’.” Regardless – if you use sticks or blocks of butter save the wrappers, stick them in a zippy bag and pop them in your fridge. Then, when you need to butter a dish/pan just whip one…

  • Bloody Brilliant – episode 6

    Bloody Brilliant – episode 6

    Nix the virgin paper Over the years Andrew and I have made many changes to our environmental lifestyle. We still have a huge carbon footprint but it’s certainly smaller than what it was 12 years ago. There have been two changes that we’ve made that have been completely pain free but have made a huge…

  • Protected: Pirates

    Protected: Pirates

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Bloody Brilliant – episode 5

    Outlook AutoShade When we first became parents we had the bog-standard suction-cup-to-the-window style sun guard. While these were fine there were still some fundamental flaws: The suctions cups would occasionally come loose. You couldn’t roll the window down. There were still uncovered bits of window that would allow the sun in at the right angle.…

  • Bloody Brilliant – episode 4

    Motion sensor lights I can’t deny – I’m totally into home automation. It probably helps that I’m married to a geek, but I still think it would excite me regardless. Thanks to Bye Bye Standby we have a number of things in our house working more efficiently. For instance, during the holidays I’m able to…

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