2nd Midwife appointment

Had the second midwife appointment today. It was much better than the first as we really seemed to get somewhere. We’re now booked in for our Nuchal Fold scan in London (this is the big one where they test for loads of stuff including Downs). Then we have our 21-week anomaly scan booked for the 7th of March (week 22) after we get back from America. Why do all these scans have to have evil names. Why can’t one just be the “happy to see your baby on screen” scan?

Andrew and I bought our first baby clobber.* It’s a little 4-piece set with a sleep suit, bib, etc. And it says, “Little but loud” on it. Don’t ask me why, but it was really important to us to buy the first thing ourselves. (bless…) Now let the present-giving commence!

*before someone crucifies me for “baby clobber” it is not a medieval torture device! “(n) stuff, clobber (informal terms for personal possessions) “did you take all your clobber?” “

Actually, on that note — for those of you that would like to (but please don’t feel obligated!) Andrew will be putting up a wish-list on this site. We figure it will be very difficult coordinating things across the two countries especially as baby gift registries are unheard of over here. So — Andrew will put up a list on here that lists some of the things we would quite like and if you choose to get it you can tick it so no one else buys the same thing! That’s coming, so I’ll keep you posted. (Besides — it’s much too soon to worry about buying stuff, right?)






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