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  • Best weekly pregnancy guide ever!

    Ok — definitely the funniest weekly pregnancy <thing>  I’ve ever read.  It’s a shame it doesn’t email you every week…. (I just randomly chose a week (7) and got as far as: You: Might be feeling a little urpy and gaggy and pukey. Are incredibly sensitive to smells. Like, seriously. Who burned an English […]

  • A reward for those of you who check this board…

    A reward for those of you who check this board…

    You’re the first to know:

  • We’re parents!

    At 9:42am this morning, my stonkingly gorgeous wife gave birth to our first child! Luther Jacob Collington came in to the world at 7lbs 1.5oz and measuring around 19 inches. Mum and baby are doing well (dad’s not bad, either) and will be in hospital for a number of days to recover. As our day […]

  • And realization hits…

    In less than 12 hours time I should be a daddy.  Less than 12 hours.  12 hours, people!!  Where on earth did the last nine months go, hmm?  Really?  Did I loose them down the back of the couch, so that they’re nesting along with the odd change and a host of biro pens? But […]

  • Baby and house update

    House: We’ve had some news — not bad, not good. Turns out another couple is interested in the same house but are in the same position we are (house on the market, no buyer) and so the sellers of the property we want (Arundel Road) have basically said whoever sells their house first gets Arundel […]

  • It’s a BOY!!

    We’re having a boy, we’re having a boy… YAY!!!! (click to get the full size) Crap. Now we have to come up with a boy’s name… NOT EASY! Any ideas?? All (real) suggestions welcome!

  • What’s in a name?

    We’re stumped! We’ve had a girls name decided for quite some time now, well, years actually. But we don’t have a boys name at all! OK, that’s not quite true. We have half a boys name picked out… maybe. But we really can’t decide on a first name. Any ideas? (Oh, and no, we’re not […]

  • I felt Bump move!

    That’s right; I finally felt Bump move!  This might seem like shocker news to you – Lisa’s pregnant and I’m going to feel the baby at some point – but it is.  Even when the baby is kicking and punching Lisa, swinging from the umbilical cord, and generally doing cartwheels, as soon as I put […]

  • Sex? No thanks, we’re British.

    We had our final scan on Friday. Unfortunately, the baby was being very modest and we have no idea what the gender is. This means that we won’t find out until the birth! Oh well. So much for planning! But as long as it’s healthy we honestly don’t care either way. (Although we only have […]

  • Tap-dancing on my cervix

    Tap-dancing on my cervix

    Just for posterity: at 3:50 today I was sitting in a meeting and felt like someone poked me from the inside here: Now it just seemed way too low or on the outside to be a baby kick, really — unless the baby is living in my epidermis! But on the way home I felt […]