Our garden

Andrew and I would LOVE to grow our own veg, but thanks to the dogs peeing on everything it’s absolutely impossible. Then I stumbled across ‘Square Foot Gardening’ and it all became clear! Make containers and raise them off the ground!

Now it seems so simple! Andrew and I spent all weekend getting supplies, building boxes, getting the soil composition right (with compost, peat and vermiculite) and planting our little 1/100 acre of heaven. We still need to make the nylon “trellis” for the climbing plants, but given the size of our veggies there’s no rush!

The garden

Wish us luck! Now all we have to contend with are the slugs/snails (we’ve since put up copper tape around everything) and the dogs EATING the plants. (They’re so odd… )






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  1. Erica Avatar

    How long is the growing season over there? And that’s a very cute garden. I don’t know about the ginormous slugs over there, but American slugs get all sorts of irritated when you sprinkle crushed eggshells on the dirt. I guess it cuts their delicate undersides! I doubt that will help with the dog situation, however…

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