Where are all the decent people?

I want to believe in karma, I really do.  Andrew and I are good people who let other motorists out in traffic, have never made a fraudulent insurance claim and who always hold doors open for people.  But we don’t seem to have the kind of luck that one would associate with this kind of […]

Rosie’s birthday

Used that fun ‘Takes‘ app to get some snapshots/video of Rosie’s birthday! (You’ll need to click into this post to see the video.)

Testing out a new app

Just testing out a new video app – I think for a first result it came out really well!  (You’ll need to click into this post to see the video.)

These times are a’changin’

We’re facing down some pretty big changes at the moment so I’m trying to appreciate the ‘now’ while it’s still “normal.”  Thought if I did something a bit creative the idea might stick a bit better.

Weekly Digest for September 10th

Yes, we played a lot of Torchlight. We’re broke and it entertains us… don’t judge… Mr. Judgey Judgerson.  :-P~

Real life

From our 365 project: