Spoamy fag-bol anyone?

You know those moments when your mouth spits something out that is so funny at the time you nearly split your side? Yesterday, Andrew and I were making a spaghetti bolognese (“spag-bol” pro: spag-bowl ) and when emptying the boiling water from the pasta it was really foamy in the sink and I said, “Well, that’s a spoamy fag-bol”

Yes, I know — it doesn’t sound like anything now, but at the time I nearly shot milk out of nose.

Shut up. You just had to be there.






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  1. Mike250 Avatar

    I like a challenge. It would be cool challenge to have to try and use that phrase in an office environment without smiling or something…

    I just got done watching the BBC version of The Office and it made me think of that.

    Try it sometime Andy…

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