Baby and house update

House: We’ve had some news — not bad, not good. Turns out another couple is interested in the same house but are in the same position we are (house on the market, no buyer) and so the sellers of the property we want (Arundel Road) have basically said whoever sells their house first gets Arundel Road. I’ll be positive and say that it’s not gone, but it’s not looking good. πŸ™

We’ll be listing the house for sale privately on the internet in the next couple of days, so hopefully that will stimulate some interest!

Baby: (If you are of a nervous disposition, turn away now.)

What is up with my nipples?! They’ve started working. I thought it was the removal of the placenta that made the boobs kick into food-production gear! And worst of all, I only found it out when I pulled my top off while having a BRA FITTING. How embarrassing. Luckily it wasn’t much and I’m now taking proper precautions to ensure no one else sees the visible proof.

We’ve set a date! Baby Collington will be here on the 2nd of July, 2007. Very exciting and frightening as it’s exactly 3 weeks from today. That’s actually later than we expected as we thought it would be set for 38.5 weeks but it’s been set at 39. However, having an actual fixed date is really freaky!

We went to see the obstetrician last week and unfortunately couldn’t see our normal one (as he was in India giving a talk). We brought the notes from my surgery in 2004 and this guy read them and then was telling me that he thinks it would be much safer for a natural, vaginal birth. I was flabbergasted! I’d been told for years I needed to have a C-section so I’d mourned a little bit, then got used to the idea… heck, eventually I was quite looking forward to it. We hadn’t even taken antenatal (prenatal) classes as we knew most of it would be a waste of time as we don’t care about breathing or pain relief options.

To be told a few weeks before that that plan was out the window was scary to say the least. I had Mom call the OBGYN in America who again confirmed I absolutely should not have a natural childbirth. We went back to the obstetrician today and said, “C-section!” so now it’s booked in!

For your viewing pleasure: pregnant Lisa photo. (a) sorry about the bra (b) I’m wearing one of my bella bands before you wonder, “What on earth…”

Lisa pregnant (35 weeks)