And realization hits…

In less than 12 hours time I should be a daddy.  Less than 12 hours.  12 hours, people!!  Where on earth did the last nine months go, hmm?  Really?  Did I loose them down the back of the couch, so that they’re nesting along with the odd change and a host of biro pens?

But in the imortal words of Clive Dunn, “Don’t panic!  Don’t panic!” (said while simultaneously running around like a headless chicken).






3 responses to “And realization hits…”

  1. Mike250 Avatar

    Brilliant mate! Um… it’s probably happened huh? Has it?! Has it?!?!

  2. Tayke Avatar

    Well, you should both be proud/exhuasted, elated/stressed parents by now. Congratulations to you both and especially to Lisa. Be honest Andy, yours was just a small part (arf! Benny Hill never really died, did he?).
    Hope all three of you are well.
    See you soon,
    Bill, Jane, Fred, Sam & Ellen xxxxx

  3. Meghan Avatar

    Ooooo! I am so excited to hear about the newest member of your family! I can’t wait to see pics and know if your baby is a boy or girl! Congratulations and all my love!


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