Bringing up baby

There is a very interesting programme on the tv right now — it’s a 4-part series called bringing up baby.  It’s following 6 families who are adhering to 3 different parenting theories.  The blurb on the website is:

“To try and make sense of it all, we’ve taken three of the most influential baby handbooks of the last hundred years and are pitting them against each other with the help of six new families. Each couple has chosen the method they think will best suit their values and lifestyles and has agreed to let cameras observe how they get on for the first three months of their babies’ lives.”

I wish this had been out before we had Luke as I would have done a few things differently.  The good news is, it’s not too late to change.

I would go and see if my library has these books but as it’s about as big as our living room I doubt it.  Might see if I can pick up a cheap copy somewhere. (I’m particularly interested in the Continuum Concept as it seems right up my street!)

I’ll keep you posted!