Junk vs. Quality

Ok, sorry to be a bit of a downer… but with all of the black Friday, cyber Monday and Christmas shopping mania I thought I would remind people of the bigger picture. I know it’s a few minutes, but it’s a few good minutes. So please keep buying stuff (especially for me!) but please try […]

Savings and delayed gratification

So Luther has had a chore chart (which you’ve seen before) for quite some time and it looks like this:             We’ve now decide to build on this foundation. Luther now earns a poker chip (chore chip) every time he completes all of his chores for the day.  (He puts them in […]

I am definitely going to die.

Andrew and I are still trying to work out the balance now that I’ve started my new crazy-hours job.  Unfortunately it means Andrew spends many hours each week just driving to drop the kids off and pick them up which is also impacting the hours he’s able to spend in the office.  On Thursdays and […]

Should Luther have an iPod?

A Is for App: How Smartphones, Handheld Computers Sparked an Educational Revolution By: Anya Kamenetz – April 1, 2010 As smartphones and handheld computers move into classrooms worldwide, we may be witnessing the start of an educational revolution. How technology could unleash childhood creativity — and transform the role of the teacher. Gemma and Eliana […]

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Kids ‘n’ cameras