The well has run dry

Unfortunately, breast feeding just isn’t going well. Luke hasn’t been gaining weight fast enough and some weeks he even lost weight. It got to the point where we were referred to a specialist who effectively said he’s malnourished and if it weren’t for the fact that he’s well hydrated she would have admitted him into hospital.

So, now I still pop him on my boob for whatever little bit of milk I do have but then we need to give him a bottle.

I know it will sound a bit stupid, but I’m upset about it. Breastfeeding was always really important to me and I’m bummed it’s not working. I’ll do whatever is best for the baby obviously, but I feel slightly inadequate that I’m not able to do this perfectly natural thing.

I’ve had some tests run and need to go back to the doctor for a follow-up. I’m sure everything is fine, however.

On the upside: Here are a couple baby photos for you!

Big blues          Halloween with Dad          Big ol’ butt



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  1. Linda Letherby Avatar
    Linda Letherby

    It happens honey, at least you got to feed him in the early months and gave him the vital antibodies. Don’t crucify yourself over this YOU ARE a good mum and Andrew is a fab dad too.

    Love Linda xxx

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