America’s NHS

Being a new Mother, I have absolutely no concept of what happens outside of my four little walls. However, I got whif of some Brits being mad at a Giuliani health care ad. From what I gather, there has been a propsal for America to go to an NHS-type system due to the “Healthcare Crisis”. I read an article on Reuters and posted a response to the responses. (If you could follow that.) I don’t talk about this much because my mom is constantly dogging the NHS so I hate to give any fuel for hher fire, but here is my response:

Sorry, but I’m more on Mach’s side here. (Albeit with much less hostility.) I’m currently an American living in England and had this recent experience:

I had been having abdominal pain for quite some time so I went to see my GP here in England. He poked and prodded, took a vaginal smear and told me to take some antibiotics as he thought it was an infection — but we’d know when the results of my smear came back. When they came back the following week showing no infection he told me to continue with my antibiotics anyway and did nothing else. (I quit taking the pills as I KNEW it wasn’t that.) Eventually my abdominal pain became less severe so I stopped worrying as much.

Flew to America to visit my parents a few weeks later. Exact same symptoms. Went to hospital (with my travel insurance in hand) and after loads of scans/tests/etc I ended up having an operation within 24 hours to remove a 10 pound tumour. While I was there they gave me top-notch treatment and I truly felt taken care of. Something I have never felt here in the UK.

Even now I had some blood drawn two weeks ago and I’m struggling to get in to see my GP as I can only call on the day to book an appointment and all last week she was either full or not working. (It’s common practice in my area to only have a few slots per day that you can book into. Otherwise you have to call on the day to try to get in.)

Do I think that the NHS is a good IDEA? Well, yes, but so is communism. Everything looks great on paper.

MAYBE America can learn from England’s mistakes, but I think something done on that large of a scale is too easily bloated and unable to be managed properly and if England can’t make it work well and within budget for 50 million people then I doubt anyone could for over 6x that amount of people.”

Also, Andrew’s leg is playing up again and he’s scared his blood clot is back — but he can’t get anyone to approve a re-test for him. Luckily we have (through Jeff) private insurance that allows us to see specialists and so he is going to get a referral to be scanned again.

I think it’s sad that we could try to cut corners on something as important as health care. You wouldn’t wait two weeks for a tow truck if your car broke down so why do we put up with that when it comes to our health?

On the flip side, I think it’s great that anyway is eligable for healthcare and some of the other benefits are amazing like: free prescriptions if you’re being treated for some life-long illness, free dental (and eye?) care until you’re 18 and also during and after pregnancy, etc. But it all comes back to, “You get what you pay for.” Maybe some people are happy with K-Mart blue-light-specials when it comes to their health care, but I’m just not.