Radio silence broken

I know it’s been almost a month since we’ve posted and I’m sorry. It’s been a very busy, stressful and sad month.

Firstly,  we completed on our house on Friday.  We are now officially houseless, but we’re also richer than we ever will be again!

Secondly, we put in an offer on a house in the village of Berwick.  It’s a 3-bed semi and it needs LOTS of work.  But it was the only way we could afford a house in the village and it’s all work we can do.  It’s been accepted and there is no chain, so hopefully we can make this happen quickly.  We expect to have the keys in early Jan, but won’t move in for a while whilst we get the work done.  We’re not jumping up or down, however — due to our recent luck with houses.

Lastly, my Uncle Jay died at the young age of 41 following a short, but painful illness.  Needless to say it’s come as an unexpected shock to the family and he will be greatly missed.  I’ve opted not to go home yet but will wait until my planned February trip… but something like this really makes you realise how important your family is and how difficult it is to be seperated from them.






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