I’m wonewy, oh so wonewy..

If you haven’t see “Team America” then the subject probably wont mean much to you, but it’s really for Lisa anyway… So there. 🙂

Lisa and Luther flew off to America today, going there with her dad on his return journey, and they’ll be gone for three whole weeks!!  OK, so they’ve only been gone for about 13 hours so far, but I miss ’em already!

Plan for when they’re away; well, the first thing I’m going to do is hog the bed and sleep in late. :)  Then it’s basically working on the house as and when I can to – hopefully – get it ready for their return.



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3 responses to “I’m wonewy, oh so wonewy..”

  1. carkedit Avatar

    stroke of genius by Lisa though..get her husband to work on the house as he has no excuse to do anything else and come back when its (hopefully) finished!! Timing is perfection lol

  2. bobbiekerr Avatar

    Hahahahahaha! Brilliant move by Lisa if I don’t say so myself! That’s the best way to get a hubby to do something….leave them in the mess to fend for themselves and I guarantee it will get fixed faster!

  3. Meghan Avatar

    Hey, Lisa’s heading back to you in a few days – how are the projects coming along? heehee

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