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  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!

    This year did something a bit different for New Year!  Firstly, I took the kids shopping and they got to pick out brand-new pyjamas.   Then, together we decorated the activity envelopes for the night.  In each one I put a different activity that we would do at the allocated time.  To make sure we didn’t…

  • The Sparkies are coming, the Sparkies are coming

    YAY! Just a month (nearly) until Gina and Shawn get here!  I can’t wait!!

  • Big boy bed & tilt shift

    Big boy bed & tilt shift

    Two things: 1.  Luther is officially in his big-boy bed now.  The transition has gone without a hitch…. but I suspect it’s because he’s been shuffled around so much in his 19 months that he’s quite accustomed to sleeping anywhere he can put his head. 2.  Tilt shift photography.   I took the photo below…

  • Finally … photos

    Photos from our very recent trip to the Isle of Wight. (As always, click to make ’em big!)                   P.S. I know I have a number of emails to respond to and I’m very sorry — but I thought I’d get some photos up first before I had a mutiny on my hands…

  • I’m wonewy, oh so wonewy..

    If you haven’t see “Team America” then the subject probably wont mean much to you, but it’s really for Lisa anyway… So there. 🙂 Lisa and Luther flew off to America today, going there with her dad on his return journey, and they’ll be gone for three whole weeks!!  OK, so they’ve only been gone…

  • My travels thus far (pathetic compared to Andrew!)

    View Larger Map While this site is nice, my favourite is still TripAdvisor. You can get real advice/suggestions/reviews from real people. Since using it I’ve found some of the most amazing places. Can’t recommend it highly enough!

  • Off to the States… perhaps not

    Tomorrow we will be off to the States on another fabulous trip to see family and friends. Well, we would have been at least had I not gone to see my chiropractor. “But a chiropractor just cracks your bones, don’t they? How can that stop you flying?”, you may very well ask. And a wholesome…