The most brilliant weekend

This weekend was one of those fantastic weekends that you don’t get very often.  On Saturday Luther woke up at a decent hour and just played in bed with us.  Then we all got up and had breakfast/got dressed/etc.

Around 11 Vi came over and we put Luther in his pushchair and we walked up to Lord and Lady Lloyd’s to check out the Sussex Guild exhibits. (Found a blacksmith, which will come in handy in the future!)

Vi then took Luther home for the weekend and Andrew and I worked around the house.   At 4:45 we tootled over to a neighbour’s house for a dinner party and stumbled back home a little worse-for-wear around 1am.

On Sunday we got up and did loads of work around the house (very productive!) then we went for a bike ride.  On the way we popped in to drop off an invitation to someone and ended up hanging around with them for a while as they laid on the teas and cakes.

After that we finished our bike ride, and went to Andrew’s parent’s house where we had a spectacular Sunday Roast and were able to collect quite a bit of our gear still there.

It doesn’t sound like anything on paper but it just flowed perfectly and the weather was perfect and tempers were perfect and all was right with the world.






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  1. Meghan Avatar

    Aw – you guys are so domestic, it’s adorable! I know how it feels to have those perfect weekends and I’m happy you guys were able to have one. Plus, you can never go wrong with working hard and playing hard! I love a day when I work really hard around the house or yard and then go out with friends and come home all tipsy and giggly! 🙂

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