Luther’s First Birthday

Here are some photos from our Birthday/Housewarming party.  These are by no means all and I’ll try to post some more later.

He’s actually watching tv, I’m ashamed to say (it IS BabyTV) …

but how cute is he???

Click for more! –>

Mmmm…. chocolate frosting!

Same crazy spikey hair, same expression … ok…. maybe he is mine.
(btw … you’re lucky to see this — I should have burned it thanks to my 7th chin showing!)

Luther and his (second?) cousin, Oliver.

dads will be dads...

Dads will be dads!!

Oliver and his dad, Paul (Andrew’s cousin)



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  1. carkedit Avatar

    that is a great pic of Luther and Ollie..its like a couple of boxers sizing each other up..Ollie has his fight face on and Luther is just laughing at him..

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