Save money, sanity and the planet… Hat Trick!

So by the wealth of posts you can probably tell that now with breastfeeding at all hours I have loads of time to read up on articles, etc… Lucky you…

An article titled “Can You Afford to Go Green?” on the Get Rich Slowly blog had as its biggest suggestion:

Here are some inexpensive steps you can take that will “green up” your bank account and the planet:

Stop buying Stuff. You all knew I was going to say that, right? When you buy consumer goods, you create demand for resources to make, transport and sell those goods. That can be good for the economy, but it’s bad for the planet — and your wallet. When you do need to buy something, always investigate your options for getting it used rather than new. Used goods are cheaper and greener.

This ties into the extensive decluttering I’m going through as part of Flylady.  I REALLY need to remember this!!  It means:

(1) I have a lovely, clean house
(2) by not buying more new stuff I am being environmentally friendly (as above)
(3) hopefully my perfectly good stuff will bless someone else and save it from landfill
(4) saves money (obviously!)

Unfortunately my inner brat likes the immediate satisfaction of getting something new and pretty.  I need to keep her in check!







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