Weekly Digest for September 23rd

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Unlocked 17 achievements.
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Lisa My friends just left and I’m much more sad than I expected. Feel like a little bit of home just walked out the door. I then looked at the sheep in the field and the lovely countryside and had to ask if they’re worth it. *sigh*.
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Lisa Working on remembering why I love England. Went to sheep fair last week and going to wood fair today. Good fun, actually. (Men with axes and chainsaws are always fun.) Now go away homesickness.
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Lisa Just went geocaching for the first time – brilliant!! We found three!
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Lisa Worked through lunch on my first day back to work so thought I’d take a 10-minute email/facebook break. Wow, it’s weird to be back to work…. but it’s also so familiar. Probably because I only took off 6 months this time.
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Lisa Back to work so Andrew and I take turns being responsible for the baby at night. Let’s just say he’s complaining about being tired.






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