I need a 10-step program

Ok, I admit it. I have a problem. I love … aprons. I really do. I only own two but that is solely due to my amazing self control in this area. I have your traditional full-apron style and I have this hideous green-check-with-dog–appliqué cobbler apron that Jeff and Vi brought me back from somewhere … I love it and it’s my favourite. I love how it covers every inch of me so when I’m making something that involves flour which ends up going everywhere I end up mostly clean.

But how can you not LOVE these:
chicken half apron Full apron polka dots


Full apron alice full apron black and white

But I think I need to look for another cobbler’s apron.  It’s just a style that I really like.  I’ll find one and it WILL be on my Christmas list for Santa.






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