Weekly Digest for October 7th

blipfm (feed #5)
LMAO! Hadn’t heard this song before it popped up on "most blipped" list. Negative & upbeat @ same time. Love it! Also love the remix w/Gold Digger. [#]
facebook (feed #2)
Lisa dropped the baby today and caught her, upside down, by the hem of her coat. Thank goodness I had it buttoned!!!
facebook (feed #2)
Lisa Im at the start of what promises to be a doosie of a cold. So I either just had a bird in my house or I’m hallucinating…
facebook (feed #2)
Lisa Thing I miss most about life before kids? Being able to have a sick day where you just take Night Nurse/Nyquil and curl up on the sofa with a duvet with a hot honey lemon. *sigh*.
facebook (feed #2)
Lisa Ways to keep the passion in your relationship, #7 – When you have a cold, sleep with a wadded up bit of kleenex stuffed up your nose so you don’t drip snot on the pillow. (Andrew is so lucky…)






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