What is this blog?

Ok,  I’ve been trying to figure out what this blog should be and decided that to best make this work I’ve had to divide some things up.

First of all, as many of you know, I’ve been doing a 365 project where I take a picture every day for a year.  (Well, almost every day, I’m not that good at remembering/finding time to get a decent photo.)  Since those posts would swamp this blog they have their own and can be found here:  http://365.collington.us

I’ve also been posting up things that I find online that I just like and want to share with the world.  I don’t think those are appropriate for this space so I’ll be putting future items at http://collington.tumblr.com

That will leave this blog for family stuff: stories about what we’re up to, vacation photos, scrapbooking pages, etc.

So there you go… More sites for you to visit, I’m afraid, but hopefully it will allow you to get right to the stuff you care about.

And now, a photo as your reward:






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