Weekly Digest for October 30th

facebook (feed #2)
Lisa DEADLINES! Artwork needs to go to printers for calendar. Due: 11/3, Hrs of work left: 25 …. Halloween preparations (pumpkins carved, goodie-bags made, costume hemmed, fog machine located). Due: 31/10, Hrs of work: 6. Colleague coming to house to work so need to CLEAN. Due: 28/10, Hrs of work: hundreds.
facebook (feed #2)
Lisa has a ridiculously strong crush for Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones’s Diary. Colin Firth is nice but the character Mark Darcy makes me quiver.
blipfm (feed #5)
Came up on my iPhone playlist today. Thought I would share with the masses. Enjoy! ("The smoke’s all gone but now the pubs smell of wee" LMAO!) [#]






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