Weekly Digest for November 6th

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Lisa (I promised even though she cheated!) Like my status and I’ll tell you: 1. Something I’ve learned about you from looking at your wall for 13 seconds. 2. The color of which you remind me. 3. My first memory of you…. 4. The animal of which you remind me……. 5. Ask something I’ve always wondered about you. 6. My favorite thing about you. 7. Challenge …you to repost this.
facebook (feed #2)
Lisa Review: Calendars sent to printers? Check. Halloween a success: Check. House not an embarrassment when colleague came over: Check. Remaining: Do the 5 answers for people who liked my last status & catch up on days of Facebook (but that’ll have to wait until lunch time.)
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Lisa can now add "can swallow pills whilst NOT swallowing throat lozenge in mouth" to resume. Future job prospects looking bright!
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Lisa WTF? We didn’t buy any fireworks since Luther is scared of loud noises. But all he wanted to do tonight is watch them!! Think we’ll get some in clearance tomorrow…






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