Weekly Digest for December 11th

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Lisa ‘s husband just threw a dirty diaper right at her face. And no, not the yellow kind. (*Andrew wants me to be clear that it was in a plastic bag…) (but still…)
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Lisa is watching the Star Trek movie with her sister-in-law while hubby does the dishes. Life is good. :-).
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Lisa Shopping with Julie. But no worries… My unemployed bum hasn’t spent a penny! I’m a good girl. (And I spent £14 on garland yesterday and felt guilty. But dammit, if it’s my last Christmas at this house it’ll be bedecked the way I’ve always imagined.)
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Lisa was woken up by a baby vom’ing on her chest. Being a parent is so glamorous.
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Lisa FFS! just got vom’d on again! I didn’t mind when she was on milk only but with solids it’s as bad as getting puked on by an adult!!






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