Dear GAP,

I recently purchased some socks for Luther from the GAP.  (I will only buy him GAP socks…. I’m happy with hand-me-downs for anything but when it comes to socks I’m dead picky.  But I digress…)  I was appalled when they came each pair wrapped in a little plastic bag.   I therefore decided to air my concerns in a letter and I attach it here for your enjoyment.



Freepost WD 3719
Castle Mound Way
Rugby, Warwickshire,
CV23 0BR
United Kingdom


Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Dear Sir or Madam,

I recently ordered 10 pairs of toddler socks from your company and I was dismayed when they arrived; each wrapped in its own little plastic bag. With all the current environmental activism I would fully expect a company to be doing it’s upmost to at least appear responsible. This seems to be the exact opposite. When a consumer purchases socks in your store they do not come individually wrapped, so I’m sure that your mail-order clientele would not be surprised to find them unwrapped as well.

I’m assuming that it has something to do with your dispatching procedure. At a guess; if they are individually wrapped it is easier for your employees to ensure they are only grabbing one pair of socks instead of risking them sticking together. However, I’m confident your staff are capable of detecting when they have collected socks that seem inappropriately large or heavy and therefore allowing them to remove the “stuck on pair” – I hope that you will trust your employees the same way in the future.

I have enclosed the plastic bags so that you may dispose of them in a way you see fit. I refuse to be responsible for this landfill addition.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to seeing appropriate, environmentally responsible, changes made. If I can be of any more assistance or you would like my input full time, please feel free to contact me on the number listed below. Thank you.


Lisa Collington







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