Weekly Digest for January 22nd

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Lisa 1. Rosie slept in her own bed last night! 2. Have job interview today. I go to Collington train station and the building is on Collington Rd.
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Lisa Still waiting to hear from Madgex. It’s driving me crazy!!
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Lisa No from Madgex (ideal job). No from Hasting Direct (sure fire, can’t fail but soul-sucking backup job). Feeling worthless at the mo. *sigh*.
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Lisa &*^%$ Sent a follow-up email today re: another job. The reply: "I am sorry I have taken so long to reply to your application and email. I received about 30 applications and thought I had responded to each of them, but I am afraid that I somehow missed you entirely. The position is close to being filled, which is good for me, but a shame for you, as I would have invited you in for interview." &£$"*%.






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