Weekly Digest for February 19th

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Lisa Ok. I’ve been in England, what… 9 years now? And I frequently catch myself saying "we". But when it comes to baked beans with breakfast I will always stick with "they". Blech.
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Lisa Just to remind everyone, a week tomorrow is my birthday. Gifts accepted only in the form of cash or hard graft around the house. Alternatively, you can continue the rumours about how I’m such a wonderful humanitarian and an amazing shag.
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Lisa has a job interview tomorrow AND pink eye. Hardest part will be doing my makeup without contaminating my makeup or other eye!
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Lisa Update: (a) interview went ok. Voice gave up about half way through, though. (This cold is kicking my pants!) (b) Pink eye has moved into both eyes (Luther has it in both eyes too.) (c) I have the best husband in the WORLD who took both kids (on 4 trains and a long walk) to his eye appointment so I could sleep. Thank you Andrew Collington.
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Lisa The good news: I’ve been offered a job. The bad news: It doesn’t pay enough to cover the mortgage.
What to do… what to do….






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