Weekly Digest for February 26th

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Lisa just watched FanBoys. Cute movie when you’re sick as a dog. LOADS of references… I got more than I expected. Could have done without the Seth Rogan scenes (whom I otherwise love!). Thank you Vi Collington for watching the kids while I heal.
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Lisa Some days a hate England. My baby is hacking up a lung but can I find a single place open that sells a humidifier? Of course not!!!! Argh!!!!!!!
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Lisa is debating going to ER/A&E but feels stupid going for a sore throat. On the other hand I think this pain is going to kill me… My appendectomy never hurt this bad. Happy Birthday to me.
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Lisa Tonsillitis. So you can SUCK IT doctor-that-I-saw-on-Tuesday-and-I-told-her-I-thought-I-was-getting-tonsillitis-but-she-said-no.
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Lisa Thanks, everyone! On reflection this was my 3rd worst birthday. HOWEVER, I put it to you that your worst birthday is still better than pretty much any other day. (Plus Andrew and I are celebrating on Mar 24 so I have something to look forward to!)






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