Weekly Digest for April 16th

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Lisa played in the garden: set up tent and kids helped me dig up dandelions. Went to lunch. Bought supplies at the garden centre. Took a nap. Walked to the park. Amazing dinner. Watched movie and cuddled with my hubby. Outstanding day!!
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Lisa Planted corn, carrots, lettuce, pumpkins and onions. (Plus flowers.) Kids had a blast splashing in the pond (read: terrifying the goldfish). Applied for dream job. Wonderful day all in all.
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Lisa Brilliant day! Family took me to work and then hung out at the beach – came back at lunch time and we had a picnic. Played a bit of football/soccer and fetch (for Zuzu). Best work day in a long time!
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Lisa Luther got in to Alfriston!! Brilliant!!
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Lisa Watching Dumbo. Not sure about this film. Dumbo gets drunk then has pink elephant hallucination. Other elephants bully dumbo and mom and mom gets locked up. Ummmmmmmm……..






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