Weekly Digest for April 23rd

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Lisa Not to jinx it, but I’m calling it: Rosie officially sleeps through the night. (13 mths). Also, she’s not in a crib and when we put her down she’ll crawl around and play but crawls back to bed herself to sleep. Beautiful. (still gets up early, though…)
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Lisa Totally f’ing jixed it. Horrible night with Rosie last night. God awful, actually.
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Lisa Last day of work then 5 days off. Then I work 3 days and have 4 days off. GOD BLESS BANK HOLIDAYS! (and Royal weddings).
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Lisa Plans for the break are looking less and less likely. Paint kitchen ceiling (done), paint lounge ceiling (done), install and paint baseboards in lounge, install coving in lounge and kitchen, build deck and lay turf. (& hang new doors if we have time). Whew.
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Lisa Got skirting board in lounge done yesterday. Think we’ll pull out more bricks from under the grass (there was a buried path). Pulled out about 50 yesterday.






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