Weekly Digest for April 30th

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Lisa Has the *best* SIL ever. Jules Collington has given us many days of her holiday to babysit the kids and "get stuck in" in order to get loads done around the house. Thank you SOOOOOOOO much!!!!
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Lisa Rosie just signed ‘more’ and said "banana" (well, "baa-aa"). Bloody brilliant!!!
(side note: this girl likes bananas so much I think she’s half monkey… Or orangutan since it would also explain the hair).
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Lisa You know, I have an amazing family. We’re building a deck and my dad drew the plans, my brother (Eric Biermann) gave hardware advice, FIL Jeff and BIL (Mark Jeffrey Collington) came over to help build it and SIL (Jules Collington) and MIL (Vi Collington) came and fed the troops, watched the kids and cleaned the house. Thank you everyone!






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