Would you hump KickFist?

So I’m on the train coming home and I feel pretty sorry for myself since I got (yet another) job rejection today. To compliment my mood I put on my “hard” playlist which includes Korn, Tool and Clutch and I even tweet about my sorry ass.

We hit Eastbourne and suddenly my portion of the carriage is filled by a load of musicians.  One of them holds up a shirt and I see their name is:

Photo is linked, if you're interested.

I then start reading an article on Facebook titled “The 35 best obnoxious responses to misspellings on Facebook” (which I recommend reading).  It’s hilarious so I’m chuckling like mad to myself when I realise…

They’re all staring at me.

I pop out my earphone and say, “Sorry?”

They start laughing and say something like, “No, she couldn’t hear us.”  (I think they thought I was laughing about their conversation.)


Anyway … they started talking to me and the conversation went something like this.

KF: “What kind of music do you like”?

L:  “Umm… well, I’m listening to Tool at the moment.”

<two guys who weren’t really into the staring-at-me thing lean out of the chairs give me two thumbs up and  big smiles and say, “Tool!”>

KF:  “So, if you were to meet a really famous band that you liked would you get physical with them?”

L:  “Are we talking a handshake or some dry humping?”

KF:  “Would you sleep with them?”

L:  “I’d have to get the green light from my husband but if I liked them enough, sure.”

KF: (to another band member)  “See… you might eventually get laid.”

Then I can’t remember exactly where the conversation went but he asked me again if I’d sleep with the band.

I guess my sexy bra was working…  thank you Bravissimo.  Now if you could try and work a little harder on Boris Kodjoe or Ryan Reynolds and a little less hard on teenage rockers I’d be very thankful.






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